Best Place To Hear Singer-Songwriters
— Washingtonian Magazine
Aside from having tasty, fully satisfying food, Epicure is home to a fantastic arts scene. Not just musicians, but poets, novelists, painters, scientists, philosophers, and beyond -­‐ not exclusive from one another. We all blend and thrive with one another. Our creative energies feed each other. This community is constantly growing too. There is so much love and warmth. Strangers become fast friends. People from distant lands become regulars.
— Spencer Leach, Musician
Ms. Blackburn has surprised us with her ability to turn pioneer staples into gourmet delights. Her signature cocktails are not merely couched in nostalgia, but are a genuine rebirth of western saloon classics.
— Austin Daily
Good food and cocktails are one thing, but this place had me sold with its twenty beers on tap. From your regular joes to your craft brew snobs, Hunter has something for everyone and brings the saloon life back to Texas. All they need now is a pianola.
— Chow Cowboy